Simplify education affairs and earn extra income with Edgecoin

Blockchain technology has now become commonplace and widely known by the public because it is beneficial for the independence of each individual due to the nature of its decentralized, fast and secure distribution. At the beginning of its emergence, the blockchain network became a large system for the circulation of digital money and is now continuing to develop as in NFT, This proves that blockchain has a dynamic and innovative nature because it can be combined with various purposes that make it easier for humans in the real world.

The combination of blockchain technology with digital currency is no longer in doubt, in the world of art and NFT work is the solution. Now the combination has reached the world of education to facilitate the payment system and connectivity between its institutions, as well as to be an added value for its users (students) when holding this coin. All of that is summarized in Edgecoin as a solution that presents a combination of blockchain and digital coin-based education.

what is Edgecoin?
Edgecoin is the world’s first stable coin project that enables widespread tokenization, development with easy utility management, making Edgecoin the reference currency and fuel for the ecosystem. This “tokenization” also allows its development for organizations, businesses, individuals and other fields. Because Tokenization has great potential in crowdfunding, idea management and security management. This is what sets Edgecoin apart from the other.

Apart from being a token platform, this platform also aims to be a means of educating a new generation about the world of blockchain, new technologies, and the future of tokenization that will impact the world on a large scale, such as social media today. . This Edgecoin is available to students and investors in more than 320 countries.

This coin provides a payment system for various educational transaction needs such as registration fees, accommodation, books and all educational expenses through a decentralized application that effectively uses the speed of the internet network.

Why need Edgecoin?
Apart from providing a payment system for educational needs, this coin is also a link, as it provides access to an education panel that prioritizes tokenization as well as being a tool for you to learn about economics and finance using new blockchain-based technologies.

Have a secure global system because it uses blockchain technology that stands on ERC20 which is of course stored in your wallet and only you can access it.
In the form of tokens other than as a medium of exchange to meet your needs, this coin can also be used for safe long-term investments because it is stable and has a low level of volatility.

While Gradecoin/GRTC which is the brother of Edgecoin will automatically be obtained for Edgecoin holders through the mining process, this will be very helpful for students who have economic limitations or the middle class, because apart from studying they will also get an income.

Very effective and efficient, because it can be used on iOS and Android. It will be very easy for you because all access is in your hands.


Q1 2017
project idea
Q2/Q3 2017
Project Topic Research
Q4 2017
Start proof of concept development on a private network
Q1 2020
Whitepaper and Web application development
Q2 2020
Smart contracts and token generation on the Stellar network
Q3/Q4 2020
Edgecoin successfully launched
Q2/Q3 2021
App release and drop of Gradecoin (Coin sister of Edgecoin).


 40% Tokens for users
 10% Developer
 20% Team/Advisor
 30% Stakeholders



See more teams: https://edgecoinpay/#team

By: Sukmo

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